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G&V and Wereldmissiehulp (World Mission Help)


The clothing containers of Wereldmissiehulp are a familiar sight at G&V Energy Group stations. G&V is committed to the project VZW VICAS NEPAL, an initiative started by Maarten Wouters, a young man from Mechelen.  Immediately after the earthquake in 2015, Maarten began the re-construction of houses with his own resources. Soon after that, with the help of WMH, he expanded his initiative into a long-term project for the recovery of education and housing for the children in this severely affected region. The orphanage Christal Home in Katmandu quickly became part of the project. With the proceeds of the clothing, we are building a hostel next to the local school. It has room for 30 children who live too far from school or who come from difficult family situations.
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