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G&V first HEART-SAFE COMPANY in Kuurne


Some time ago, G&V decided to provide a portable AED (automatic external defibrillator) at their head office in Kuurne.  This device can be of vital importance in resuscitating a person.


The devices can increasingly be found at companies and public places, but too few people know how to use them to considerably increase the chance of survival for heart attack victims.


This is why G&V decided to take a step beyond the First Aid courses that are organised annually for its employees.


A number of employees took a training course organised by the Red Cross to obtain the label ‘HEART-SAFE COMPANY’.


Kuurne is already a heart-safe municipality and mayor Francis Benoit is very proud to be able to, with the Red Cross, officially award the label to the first heart-safe company in his municipality!