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Shop & Carwash

Taking a break in one of our shops means an opportunity for both you and your car to get pampered.  G&V Energy Group runs 25 shops with an elaborate Délifrance and Douwe Egberts pastry and coffee corner, some of which also offer car wash services.  We offer you a wide assortment of on-the-go products for your comfort on the road, 7 days a week. In the cosy Délifrance and coffee corner you can enjoy fresh products and delicious Douwe Egberts coffee every day. You can also find lottery and tobacco products, newspapers, magazines, drinks and sweets. You can wash your car in one of our manual or roll-over car washes. You will be ready to get back on the road full of energy and in a shiny, clean car.

With Breakpoint®, we created a warm and pleasant environment that meets the needs of the modern mobile person. The first Breakpoint opened its doors in October of 2016, at 1242 Waterloosesteenweg in Uccle. In January 2017, the two restaurants on the E314 in Rotselaar followed. Soon more details about the next stations that will undergo the transformation.


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Never stop enjoying

Food Corner

Who can resist the delicious smell of fresh-baked croissants?  In our Food Corners, Délifrance products are baked on-site all day long, so that you can always enjoy super-fresh sandwiches, pastries and other snacks.  Délifrance guarantees the high standard the taste and quality must meet. A team of enthusiastic staff members consistently ensures a delicious sandwich of your choice. Something sweet to follow? Choose from among our wide selection of pastries. Every month, we also offer a very economic lunch deal. Great taste at a fair price!  Never stop enjoying!


Every month, you will find a varying offer of great promotions in our shops.  We offer monthly promotions of well-known products at greatly reduced prices and even a ‘buy 1, get 1 free’ deal. In our food corner, you can enjoy a lunch deal: a sandwich, a drink and a dessert at a very economic price. Or would you prefer our permanent breakfast offer? A great cup of coffee with a fresh-baked croissant or chocolate roll at a bargain price. Use our savings card for sandwiches and car washes. With every relevant purchase, you get a stamp on your savings card and when your card is full you get a free sandwich or car wash. Enjoying does not need to be expensive!  Never stop enjoying!


A clean car is so much nicer to drive. We are happy to make this unpleasant task so much easier for you. In Couillet and Comines, you can wash your car in a jet wash with 4 wash stations. Select water, foam or wax and quickly and powerfully clean your car, thanks to the most up-to-date equipment.  In Antwerp and Diegem you can use a roll-over car wash.  This modern, automatic car wash thoroughly cleans your car with brushes and will never scratch it. Select your preferred program and the machine will do the rest. No matter what you choose, your car will be clean and shiny, without any effort. Use our savings card when you fill up, to enjoy a free car wash!  Never stop enjoying!

Coffee corner

A good start of the day or an energy boost during your break. What could be better than the smell of fresh-ground coffee? In collaboration with Douwe Egberts, we developed our own blend and this guarantees quality coffee, cup after cup. Do you prefer your coffee bitter black or with a lot of milk? Espresso, or not too strong? A small shot or prolonged enjoyment? You get your coffee exactly the way you want it. Make your selection of composition and size and every cup is prepared for you with care. If you like, combine it with a fresh-baked croissant or chocolate roll and enjoy a very economic breakfast deal...all day long.  Never stop enjoying!

Feel like joining us? 

Do you have a passion for sales, do you like to roll up your sleeves and are you not afraid of evening and weekend work? 

Then a job as Site Assistant in one of our shops is just the thing for you!

As Site Assistant, you work to offer our customers excellent service every day. Along with your co-workers, you prepare fresh sandwiches, serve customers at the till, stock shelves and keep the shop and outdoor area clean.

If you go for this job, you can count on a varied range of duties in a pleasant work environment, as part of a dynamic organisation. In addition to your base salary (in accordance with PC311) you will also get extra benefits, such as a team bonus and staff discount on both fuel and shop items. We also offer many training opportunities in partnership with ESF.
And for the winners among you: growth opportunities.

Are you the commercial talent we are looking for? Send an email with a cover letter and CV to xlroc@g-v.be.