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G&V Energy Group and Rolande open fourth Belgian LNG filling station in Waregem


With our new LNG station in Waregem, together with Rolande, who lead the Dutch LNG market, we opened our fourth filling station in Belgium today. Combined with our existing filling stations in Antwerp, Habay and Meer, this is another step towards our goal of a comprehensive Belgian LNG network. ‘ An important step towards more sustainable freight transport.’


‘We believe in “greener” transport. It is vital to create a better world,’ says Jolon van der Schuit, CEO at Rolande. ‘LNG is a step in the right direction, but we also want to move on to bio-LNG as fast as possible. That will allow heavy-duty vehicles to reduce their carbon emissions by nearly 100% compared to their traditional diesel. This is an important motivator for us to continue expanding our network.’


Important north-south transport route

Due to requests by multiple large haulage companies, Waregem was next on the list for construction after the locations in Meer, Habay and Antwerp. ‘The new site is situated along the main north-south route for transit transport through Belgium,’ says Xavier Dewulf, CEO at G&V Energy Group. ‘This is the only motorway without restrictions on heavy-duty vehicles in either direction. To make it even easier for our customers to make the switch to more sustainable transport, we will be adding several more important filling stations between this year and the next, including one in Zellik planned to open later this year.’


The new station is a public 24/7 self-service station that includes two pumps for LNG, or liquefied natural gas.


About Rolande and (BIO-)LNG

Rolande is located in Tilburg and leads the way in the innovative use of LNG. The company is committed to more sustainable road transport for a cleaner environment. 'Liquid natural gas' has gained a foothold as a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional fuels in recent years. Rolande develops, builds and operates its own (bio-)LNG fuel station network across Europe. This currently consists of 22 stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


LNG has been available as truck fuel since 2011. Its use can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 17% compared to diesel. When LNG is produced from biogas, it is considered bio-LNG. Bio-LNG can result in carbon emissions savings of 99.8% for heavy duty vehicles compared to Euro 6 diesel.




Another step further in the sustainability story.