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G&V Energy Group


Due to the take-over of the Esso fuel stations in the Brussels-Henegouwen & Flanders region, G&V Energy Group has become the number 1 independent player in the Belgian fuel stations market. G&V operates fuel stations both under its own name and under the brand names Esso and Shell. We are always looking for new partners to strengthen our retail & truck network, either as a DEALERSHIP or as OWNERSHIP (purchase or lease).  


ESSO Retail

The group operates over 120 stations in the Flanders and Brussels-Henegouwen region, under the brand name ESSO. As an external partner, the group’s objective is to further expand and strengthen the premium brand. One way they are doing this is by using “Synergy technology”, which increases your vehicle’s performance.


G&V Car & Truck

The group runs 70 fuel stations under its own name, including 30 truck stations. The truck sites, which are equipped with master-slave pumps (quick discharge), Gasolie & Adblue (Gasoil Extra & AdBlue), are situated along the main motorways and in the 3 major ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge & Gent. In addition to their own fuel card, these stations also accept the major European fuel cards, such as DKV, UTA, BP-Routex, Euroshell, EssoCard and more. G&V also runs 3 public fuel places for trains in the ports of Zeebrugge, Gent and Antwerp (Linkeroever & Rechteroever).


Under the umbrella of Enora, G&V operates 15 stations. Enora is the result of a partnership between G&V, ENGIE and the Walloon inter-municipal Ideta, Idelux and I.P.F.H. . Enora’s goal is the establishment, development and operation of fuel stations for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for the general public (including the professional sector). You can use the CAPS Fuel card anywhere within the entire Enora network, which, in collaboration with partners, has been expanded to over 50 CNG stations. 


Shell retail

The group successfully started operating retail sites under the brand name of Shell.

So far 15 Shell stations were opened.