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G&V is going green!


The fleet of G&V Energy Group NV was recently expanded with 5 extra Audi A3s on CNG (natural gas)!


Meanwhile, the group already operates a number of fuel stations where CNG is available, under the brand name ‘ENORA’ (a partnership with Electrabel (ENGIE) and ELSA) (including in Zellik, Doornik, Ollignies) and more expansions are planned. In addition, the multi-brand CAPS Fuel card can also be used at partner networks for both classic fuels and CNG (for more info: www.caps.be).


Compressed gas, also called CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) comes from the regular distribution networks and is also used, for example, for cooking, heating homes, etc. The gas is pressurised before it is injected into the vehicle’s fuel tank. The tank is incorporated into the chassis of the vehicle, next to the petrol tank. These bi-fuel vehicles have both an autonomy and driving comfort that are identical to vehicles on traditional fuels. 

CNG vehicles scarcely emit any particulate matter (-95%) and NOx (partially responsible for respiratory diseases and smog alerts) is also decreased by 90%. CO2-emission are 27% lower, compared to petrol vehicles and 12% compared to diesel vehicles. In addition, CNG vehicles are also quieter.


CNG should not be confused with LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), which does not provide the same environmental advantages as CNG. CNG vehicles can also not be rejected in underground parking garages, because the gas is lighter than air and evaporates instantly.


An extra benefit is that you also have to pay less tax on these vehicles.


All good reasons to help advance your company’s green image!


For more info: sales@g-v.be